Today marks a special day for me, our relationship as little and daddy officially turns 3 years old. We've know each other longer than this but today is a special day because it is when I was poked with this highly important question;

Those  years have flown by, my toddler still isn't potty trained, our dynamic continues to evolve and most importantly some how he's still interested in me as his CG.

So what's changed in that time... well that's hard to say in exact terms, an insider sees change slowly and gradually and therefore the progress of time is skewed a little more, but a look back through our photos, videos, chat history and posts gives me some ideas of where we've come from and where we're going.

A certain song provided a host of advice and thoughts on life, most of which I now see and agree with.

A few I've yet to see come true but expect they will with  only but the passing of time. the things I have noticed are, I'm getting older, stuff hurts that didn't before, grey hairs are starting to appear and my love of the spur of the moment has softened.

Change happens, life throws it's curve balls to make you feel like it's been wasted and you deal with them as best you can.

On looking back over time it feels to me that it's been a permanent slog  and battle, days often feel like they are only worth it with the support that I receive and the feeling that I am useful in some way to the  small group of people around me.

Much the same flux of change is true of my little boy, he's filled out nicely, now making sensible decisions about life, asking for help when he needs it and remembering that when he needs a pair of arms to wrap around him that mine are always ready to help.

The last 3 years presented so many new things that I'd never list them all. Safe to say 1000s of 'firsts' have happened in that time. Some big ones I can't ever forget are the first time @littlealteran fell asleep on me showing just how safe he must feel to trust me while he sleeps.

Similarly his face when I first met up with him to have a petit Christmas. I expected a little walk and chat, I ended up spending the entire day with him but his happy little  face when I surprised him with some gifts just won the show. If I could show you the picture that presents his true little side I would but his  face paints a picture of a little boy who's overwhelmed with emotions and happiness at the situation he clearly didn't expect to unfold.

We've  battled hard to get where we are. We both have and I'd like to say we're winning at it. That's not to say that the war isn't over, but I'd like to feel that we've moved forward to a point in both of our lives where anything that kicks us back doesn't knock us over a cliff and that we can now get back up, dust off, tend the wounds and then rejoin the march forward.

With this point, I personally feel our relationship is now 'mature' and that it will take a lot of rocking to jeopardise that. What I've seen of the CG/L world tells me that most of  these relationships tend to endure substantially shorter lifespans, to which it must be the little man in my life making that happen as I honestly can't see why anyone would want to ensure 3 minutes with me, never mind 3 entire years of my incessant annoyance.

I doubt it goes unnoticed but I do love my little, our friendship has come from what was once for me an ethereal pipe dream to be one that has brought me a platonic friend and confidant who also happens to want me in his life for mutually compatible reasons.

What I will sign off and say is that I do hope, wish and dream that our relationship will continue to deepen, that we can make it work between us and vitally for those out there in the connected world that this relationship can be a testament to the power of the CG/L dynamic.