This post was flagged because you're a dirty sod and we have decided we don't like your community anymore.


This post was flagged because you're a dirty sod and we decided we have don't like your community anymore.


Along with Tumblr’s announcement of their intent to remove pornographic content from their site, came a new challenge for bigs and littles alike. While prudishness about nudity is nothing new, and tumblr isn’t the first to remove adult-oriented content from their site, the decision still came as a blow for those of us who made the platform our home in the digital world.

Now, a week after the ban, the exodus seems to be coming to an end. While a few members of the community cling to what remains of tumblr, the majority of us have migrated to other platforms.

The biggest migration wave seems to have been to a relatively new platform named Mastodon, or to be more accurate, the Mastodon instance hosted at

Mastodon is a twitter like social network with one key difference, anyone can create and run an instance of Mastodon. Through some open protocol magic, all instances of Mastodon link together to form what's known as the Fediverse. This means that while decentralised, users on one server can seamlessly communicate with users from another.

With 7000+ users and growing fast, seems like a popular destination for bigs and littles that want the content fix tumblr's changes have left them lacking.

In my opinion, one of the best features about Mastodon is that it’s open source and has a public API. Anybody can create an application to interact with the platform, such as the live updating user count in the above paragraph and the tumblr-like public feed viewer I have made available here. As a result, many different clients exist to allow you to use mastodon in the way best suited for you. A list of examples can be found here.

While mastodon seems like a platform that I am hopeful will fill the void left by Tumblr, the default twitter style UI and 500 character limits on statuses make it less appropriate for long-form content.

With this in mind, me and Daddy have decided to move our posts to this blog. We will be sharing all our posts on @[email protected], so be sure to follow us there to keep up to date.