This won't be particularly long but today got me thinking quite a bit about being a caregive and where it's going.

About 2 ½ years ago, my little baby started being in my life, he's now a little stroppy toddler, walking, talking, filling bigger boy nappies. He craves attention and reassurance still, however, I've watched him grow and his independence start to form. While I doubt he will ever get much bigger than he is now, I can't help but smile when I think about all the experiences being a Daddy to a special little man has brought me.

Even the most mundane things bring more pleasure than I could ever explain to @littlealteran. Dragging him to the shops, his nappy pushing against his jeans is one such mundane but adorable example. Anyone around him probably didn't notice, but as his Daddy, I could clearly tell in front of me in the shop was a romping stomping toddler eager to find something to eat.

In the same time frame my little man has attended school (mostly), he's needed pokes and prods to get him to go in. A gentle nudge towards getting the help he needed to get through school without quitting has been a hard uphill battle, but it's one that's given substantial rewards. In 2 ½ years, I've watched a shy, reserved and anxious little baby, blossom into a young man who I am made increasingly more proud of by him with each passing day.

To that end, I can't wait to celebrate the next mile stone in 5 weeks time, I  eagerly awaiting the start of the next chapter of our lives together as a little and Daddy and I hope that throughout these 5 weeks that I can help nurture him till we reach the brow of that hill and get to watch the sun rise over the horizon of a new day, a new chapter and of so many new possibilities.