Teddies, Plushies, Snuggies. Whatever you want to call them, they are, almost always, an integral part of the CG/L dynamic. In the vanilla world it's often frowned upon for anybody over the age of about 15 to still have a teddy on their bed, and even more ridiculed when they happen to want or need that teddy to cuddle with at bedtime.

As a CG, I don’t really get this. I think that anyone instantly becomes more vulnerable when I know they have a comforting item as part of their life.

Over the years, I’ve seen a great many comfort items, such as plushies, needed by people as a way to ground themselves. These comforters come in a great many varieties, from simply having bedding that they prefer to sleep under, a favourite set of clothes to wear, an item they carry every day with them to remind them of someone or something in their past that reassures them. So why by extension is a plush toy suddenly a thing of contempt?

Chiron is the protector of my special little boy and someone that he sleeps with every day. Chiron appears to have to go everywhere my little needs to go. When away from home, Chiron needs to be there. When on holiday, he needs to be ready to stand guard. Most of all, he needs to be accessible to offer comfort and a sense of the familiarity, even in completely unfamiliar places.

A plush toy is not just the sum of its parts; some fluffy material, soft wadding, a bit of stitching, a couple of beady eyes and a faded label. It’s much more. They represent the childish side of the owner, the optimist in them, the creature that they can tell any secret, a shoulder to cry on and an unwavering appetite for not being judgemental.

Even more than that, they offer the unconditional love that no person could ever hope to replicate. They endure endless abuse from their owners with constant squishings and washed clean of stains their owners accidentally create on their fluff. They are all too happy to be left alone for hours in a day or more, to then be ready to offer an unconditional cuddle when you need it most, to being knocked out of the bed in the night and a darkness filled hunt to find them on the floor or most importantly to fight off the monsters both real and imagined in the dreams of a little as well as those in real life.

A teddy lost is a vast hole to fill, so treasure them and keep them safe because they will always love you, unconditionally.

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