This is probably going to be very boring for most people in that it’s a discussion around all the different ways which I am aware of that a check can be conducted on a little. There’s so much choice when it comes to a check that I’ll miss some less typical options, but if there’s something major you think I have missed out then feel free to mention it in the comments as it can always be added later.

Additionally, these are not my names, just what I know them by in my head when working out what option I am going to go for. I doubt there’s actually any names for the techniques anyway so these might actually be the first ones to be written up.

“Nappy check”

Famous typed words in the internet connected age for caregivers. I say this to my little boy on a fairly regular basis. Often times, I am just simply looking for him to give me an indication in a text message around the state of play with his padding. A basic description in just textual format is normally all I want. Usually, I say this when I’m not really in a position to do much about facilitating a change but gives that much needed contact between little and Daddy.

The tell

This is the most basic one for the world of CG/l, just simply asking "nappy check" with my little results in one of a small number of responses and quite often a very embarrassed little boy hiding in his hands. The replies are regularly "DRY!", but quite often "Wet" or "Messy" followed by an embarrassed emoji. Of course to add more embarrassment to the situation I quite often will throw in asking for more detail to confirm if my little is very in need of a change or much closer to being dry. He does sometimes think he's potty trained if it takes a little while to end up being anything but dry.

Show and tell

Online when you don’t get to see your little in person as much as you would like this is a key staple when on a video chat, just to know what's going on with a little. Getting him to physically show you his padding is a very reassuring way to remind a little of their place and confirm that the nappy he is wearing is all securely in place. More importantly it's also a great way to confirm if it’s in need of a change. As a physical check it is more reassuring to a little because it shows a slight bit more attention to them than you would just get with a verbal confirmation from your little.

The prod and poke

We’re now into the physical real world. This is probably the most basic of checks, prodding the nappy to check if there’s anything to be concerned about. Unfortunately, by virtue of it being the most basic option, it’s also the least accurate way to check. I also personally have a distaste for it because it just seems rather childish and I’m supposed to be being the adult. That said, it's can be quite fun because it reminds the little squishy-butt that he is my toddler to look after.

The front or back rub

An evolution of the previous method, it’s more for those who look to this world with less innocent eyes, but it also is a bit more of a comprehensive check as you can typically feel the weight of the contents, something that a Daddy should have a fair bit of experience knowing how different it will feel.

The Peek-a-boo

Probably the most visually invasive option for a check where you pull back the waistline of the padding and visually check inside the nappy for it’s condition. Not the option I generally go for but it can be useful to establish if it's just a smelly bottom making noise or if it's a smelly bottom leaving Daddy presents. It's also a very personal check and for me as a caregiver, I wouldn't feel happy with anyone that's not vetted by me doing it with my little boy.

The slide down

This check is sure to find if you have a little that is ticklish, it's simply a case of poking a finger down the front or back of his nappy. Then pulling it down by the waistband slightly to check the a little bit further down in the wadding. The pulling down does help to confirm long before the nappy reaches the point of leaking if it does need a change or not. The first time @LittleAlteran had this done with him he didn't really know what to expect, his face was a picture asking "What are you doing Daddy?", I can't ever forget that little face.

The slip in

This option is by far the most personally invasive option, but by far the most accurate way to do a check with a little risk of disaster involved. With a little in your lap and their legs spread apart, it’s a case of slipping a finger into the nappy between their legs around their crotch area. Obviously this becomes quite personal because your finger is pretty much guaranteed to touch the private parts of a little and therefore requires massive levels of trust between you and them. Certainly is not a nappy check that a stranger at a munch should ever try to do without first confirming they have permission from both the little and their CG.

So that's the range of checks out there. Some are basic, some are super personal. All of them help reinforce who a littles Daddy is and make them feel very special as there's few other roles out there you can find where you get to be as close to a little as doing checks on them. They are very personal, some are invasive and require a level of trust that you've earned as a caregiver and that you have been accepted by your little.