He’s a lot better in person than just online. We went for a walk with his dog to get to know each other, then I went and let him walk home on his own and await a message if he was happy to do any more.

Amazingly, he was and then we went into town together, after parking up spending a few minutes working out the parking machines which were broken we were ready to head to town. Unfortunately for my baby boy I had a surprise in store for him.

I reached into the back of the car and pulled out his Christmas presents from me. An indescribable face appeared on my little boy, one of amazement and wonder along with a whole host of other adjectives.

It was a great experience to watch him open his gifts and go through them one by one. A few little bits like glow in the dark stick on stars, a toy car and a model kit. Then some more significant items like a Lego set in tandem with a couple of baby bottles and most importantly a new dummy.

Once he’d opened his presents, we had a walk around and got him a spot of lunch before walking our way to a park for somewhere more private but still public to chat. Throughout that time, I could see him falling more and more into littlespace.

After we were both suitably cold we’ve headed back towards town. I got to take my little boy to McDonald's and grab a couple of milkshakes before heading back towards the car.

Finally we got back to the car and in the warm. My little guy getting more and more little as the time went by. His telltale signs of being even more quiet than usual and more obviously his dropping down in the seat. Eventually, I take the plunge and I go and take his new dummy out of his pocket (one of his rules) and offer it to him. He accepts it without argument and then sits there in a public place sucking on his dummy.

While in the car he proves that he’s having a good time because he calls me Daddy, feels comfortable enough to have a hug and starts to feel like falling asleep as I stroke his hair.

Sadly it had to come to an end and I drive him home, dropping him off and making sure he gets back safely.

I know today went well because @littlealteran had said he would like more.
Today is the day I officially can call him my little. Best day for a CG EVER!