Well today is the day, it finally arrived... a big box full of fun for my little boy.

For anyone unsure, I mean that this daddy just purchased a mountain of new nappies to see his little boy through the last couple of weeks of school. 58 in total.

As a result of his newly acquired padding, my little boy now enjoys (or endures depending on your perspective) being padded 24/7 once again. He’s banned from using the big boy potty for any reason. He will get to feel small all the time with a batch of rules and conditions for him to obey, just like the baby he is. He needs rules and structure to learn to grow up being a big boy he dreams of being.

The stock we have acquired means that we have supplies for about 6-8 nappies per day. As you can imagine, that means that @littlealteran will be enveloped in the little life much more than normal as he will be changed frequently, excessively cooed over and importantly reminded that he’s the most special and important little in the entire world.

Further to this, the nappies arrive at the start of an important time in his life… exam season. I’m super proud of all he’s achieved and will achieve in the coming weeks. I also know how hiding in littlespace makes my toddler can decamp to a world where he feels safe come rain hail or shine.

In honour of a return to him being padded after a period of absence due to life becoming a bit hectic, I’ve set up plenty of rules which is the point of this post mainly to highlight just how much of a little @littlealteran actually is. Embarrassing him, making him feel teased and small is the aim of the game and I write this all too aware that the shared Google Doc is being read word by word. Want to wave to the audience little man?

👋 Heya...

Should you wonder, that was his in line reply to you dear reader.

How do you feel my little tinker?

I’m good, Daddy! 😊

We can see that as a little he isn’t very good at talking. He’s probably quite small at the moment, which is understandable. In real life, he probably would be hiding behind me peeking out with one eye at what’s going on.

Can my little boy want to tell the world what he’s wearing right now? Tell us in lots of detail.

A doubled up, soaked and messy, blue formacare nappy with my vibrating plug under… 😳 And I’m wearing my starry onesie that daddy got me as a present!

Unfortunately for you as an audience you don’t get to see what goes into writing any of these posts and the extra cajoling that I had to do in order to get that much detail.

One thing he loves is rules.

He doesn’t like to follow them all the time and does tend to misbehave when he doesn’t feel like obeying. However, in keeping with his desire to feel more little, I’ve decided to post the latest set of rules and his progress to the blog. The world is getting to know h…..


My little tyke just decided to try and naughtily edit what he’s said so he’s now going to tell everyone what he actually wanted to say and Daddy won’t be writing any more till he’s said his bit. Ben loves to watch Daddy write for him and we do a lot of other writing in the background.

I didn’t change anything… Just the order!

More examples of my little tot trying to pretend to be big and making what he said make sense. Thankfully I know how small he is and that sometimes he’s impossible to understand. I regularly have to get him to take his pacii out or repeat himself to work out what it is he wants. When he finally becomes a proper toddler, it will be nice because he will then hopefully be better at explaining his needs to his Daddy.

Anyway, enough idle preamble, time for the main event.

Ben, I want you to tell everyone the rules that you have to follow. From memory, no cheating and looking at our conversations. I want to be sure, you know all the rules you have to follow and make sure that you get to tell everyone how clever you are at remembering them all like a big boy!

Uhhh... I have too;

  1. always wear my nappies apart from bathtime.
  2. ask permission for playtime.
  3. not edit messages.
  4. listen to daddy.
  5. not use the potty.
  6. not use naughty words.

So there we have it, the little boys idea of what rules he has to follow, with that I’ve shooed him out of sharing for the following few paragraphs. He's off to go play with Erin and Fin.

The rules my little boy managed to remember are close enough but I think it’s worth discussing them in more depth;

  1. To always be padded 24/7, the only time he’s allowed to not be wearing is when he goes for a bath or during a change when he’s allowed in the middle of a change to have a little while with his body to the fresh air to avoid a nappy rash.
  2. He knows that he doesn’t get to be big so playtime is something out of his control.
  3. We use Discord to chat most of the time, I made a decision early on when using it that Ben would not be permitted to edit messages where I can see them to ensure he never misbehaves and tries to edit it out.
  4. I am particularly fond of his way of explaining that Daddy is in charge and that a soggy tot follows.
  5. This is pretty much accurate and I guess expected that a little boy doesn’t get to try to be big and use the potty.
  6. He’s certainly not allowed to say naughty banned words.

These rules have changed over time, with things switching in and out as life dictates, but for the next few weeks this is what I as a caregiver desire from my little boy to keep him in check.

Now in addition to this, Ben will also have to do the following;

  1. Tell daddy when he needs a change and give him time to be free to actually get involved in the change.
  2. Show daddy as soon as possible after he asks for a ‘Nappy check’.
  3. After a change to show daddy that he’s got into a fresh nappy like a good boy.
  4. Carry 3 spare nappies with him when not at home and at all times.

At this point, I’ve not let Ben return to continue reading the content of my post which hopefully is about now making him feel very small and shy.

So after all of this, I want to say to my little boy, all the best with his exams, he has a busy few weeks ahead of him and a bright future to look forward too as well. Hopefully with many 100s of changes and hours of cuddles from Daddy being the most proud he can ever be.