So begins another year, and with it another chapter in the world of @LittleAlteran and @DaddyAlteran. 2018 was, by all accounts, chocked full of different experiences. Many good, a few bad and most importantly dozens of firsts that will last a lifetime.

With the dawn of 2019 a little bit behind us, and the hustle and bustle of the new year gone, I've felt now is the time for us to reflect on some hopes for the coming year.

What's better about this is that @LittleAlteran, at the time of writing this, does not know or realise that I've written this post. Hopefully, he will discover it in the coming days. The best bit being, that he loves when I write anything so that he can get to read it. He's an absolutely adorable little tot that just wants to form bonds and connections with his Daddy all the time and this is just one more of those cute things he does.

With all that said, let’s move on to some things I'd like to achieve in 2019;

A return to the activity centre

Last year, I took my little boy to an activity centre (some pictures of the entertainment that was had are above). It was fun to spend the time we did get there watching my little man explore, playing on the swings and most importantly for me that I got to be directly involved in something he enjoys. I can't wait for round two. Hopefully on a day that's dry and outside of the school holidays so we can enjoy the little coming out a bit more.

Belated Christmas gifts

After a month and lots of arguments between Daddy and a company, the remaining Christmas gifts intended for my little have finally arrived. As a result, there is a small collection of parcels destined for a little boy when I next get to see him. In a way it means I will get to enjoy a second Christmas with him in watching him open his gifts.

A real trip to the beach

During the height of summer last year, we made an impromptu trip to the beach as a result of some plans falling through for where we actually intended to be.

I would like to return at a time when it's not bustling with people. We'd need to be properly prepared, with towels and most importantly swimming trunks for a little boy to go into the sea rather than waddling about in big boy boxers unable to really splash about like the water baby he is.

Hopefully this will make him feel a bit more confident in being little outside if he's dressed for the event and importantly his little state is not overtly obvious to all.

Even better in my opinion, if we can go with a pop up tent that we can use to change him out of his nappies as required and get him being beach ready without risk of stares from onlookers.

I would point out that I'm still not sure if he should be allowed in just swimming trunks, a normal nappy or if I need to seek out a swim nappy as I doubt he's going to be potty trained by the summer. He still can't manage to go a day without at least one accident.


Camping has been something my little has insisted about for some time that he is dying to experience with me. I've never actually been camping, but I'm going to admit that it's on my bucket list of things I want to do. So chalk this one up kiddo, I want to take you camping in 2019. We need to discuss the exact details at some point.


A trip to the swimming baths is another thing that I've been nagged to death about.

With self image issues in mind, it's something that I'll struggle doing. I've resisted his demands for me to take him out swimming for a very long time.

As it clearly means a lot to him, I think it obviously warrants discussion and for formal arrangements to be made around taking my little swimming with me.

Helping LittleAlteran land his first real job.

2019 is a big year for my little, with graduation on the horizon it also brings with it the first requirement for him to enter the world of work (or for my little it's going to be more like play group).

As his caregiver, I've had the pride of being around for some very significant events in his life so far, as well as being the person that supports him in moments of incredible difficulty. I am going to look forward to the pride of seeing my little man graduate and know that in some small way, I helped mould a little boy in his quest to reach such a big accomplishment.

I've had sleepless nights with last minute discoveries of homework that needed to be finished, the ensuing help to ensure it's complete and ready for an early deadline. This tied with tantrums of a little suffering with depression and so much beside. It's never been something I felt was a pyrrhic experience to me, each time it's been something I have wanted to do, deep down to achieve.

To stand with him, holding his hand as he holds Chiron in the other and face these issues head on gives me an enormous sense of self worth to know how important what I've offered as a caregiver means to my little. Long may it continue and that I can help him achieve his goals far flung into the future.

2019 here we come.